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      The Bluefield Auditorium is decorated beautifully in red white and green. The atmosphere is festive and full of excitement as everyone is welcomed by volunteers. The room is filled with the alluring aroma of  homemade Italian food and the conversation and laughter of friends and family.
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      It is wonderful to see young and old and everyone in between getting their groove on! It is a marvelous night of fun and fellowship for all. Many have attended this event many times in the past and say that they would not miss it under any circumstance. There are folks that come from as far away as North Carolina! We hope that after looking at the photos you will make this an annual event for yourself and your family!

      On  Saturday, the fun  begins with the Italian atmosphere many of you enjoy. The lights are turned up and the facility is buzzing with families eating and visiting with one another. Vendors present an exquisite exhibition of their wares. I was very impressed with the workmanship and creativity on display. The prices were very reasonable as well.

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      The crowd is entertained by a variety of different acts. There is something for everyone. Many enjoy their Italian feast at the festival, but just as many carry dinner out for themselves and their families to enjoy at home.  We guarantee that that this years festivities will be as filled with fun and fellowship as the years before. We hope you will join us this year!

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